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Welcome to my herd of American Saanen and Purebred Lamanchas. I’ve tried to give the most information on each of the animals you’ll see. If you are interested in getting more information on a particular animal please contact me for a further extended pedigree. Dad and I have added some exciting new bucks this year. Please check out the breed pages for them and don’t forget the semen page with lots of other information posted there as well.

My name is Wendy Herchek and I started with dairy goats when I was 7yrs old. My mom, Malory King, was a caretaker of a few does and a buck 30 years ago that began the herd. She passed away in 2001 and my dad Larry has continued putting up with part of the herd through the years. He does a wonderful job caring for, loving and kidding whomever I take to his farm. Currently my husband Michael and I are milking 170 Holsteins , and have another 70 or so dry cows and calves. My father-in-law Andy is the “CEO” and head calf raiser. I only help him when he yells for it. Michael is the brains and the brawn and I only milk on the weekends and when the hired help has off. We are currently farming 325 acres of corn, 75 acres wheat already harvested and planted in sudan grass, 100 acres soybeans and the best darn alfalfa hay you will ever see. I am working off the farm as a medical billing specialist and am away from home with work and travel about 55 hours a week.

The lamancha herd is growing and they are so exciting and strong. The saanens are always top contenders in the ring although we are cutting their numbers. I am more than pleased with the herd and the genetics within it.

Every kid born is raised on CAE prevention and never touches their dam. I am there for each and every kidding. They receive their selenium, AD&E and first CD&T shots before being sold. No kid is sold unhealthy. They get free choice top quality alfalfa hay and an 18% lamb starter at one week of age.

Sale terms are as follows: Prices quoted are at 4 weeks of age and are subject to change on any kid not pre-ordered. $5 a day will be charged on kids not picked up or shipped after 30 days of age unless other arrangements have been made. A $100 deposit is required, refundable if the choice of kid or kids is not born or transferable to another animal of choice. This will hold the animal(s) of choice on a first come first served basis. A second and third choice should also be made. When the buyer is notified of the kid being born the balance payment must be received in 14 days. Foremost, our farm will have first pick of all stock. We will deliver to the Akron or Cleveland Airport free, however, health papers and all shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer. The buyer must also supply a shipping carrier.

All listed breedings are subject to change due to the mood I may be in at breeding time!


CH King Farm Jinsmoothy Breeze

King Farm PR Jostaberry Breeze

GCH King Farm Capitan Sunset Sky 3*M

Our Best 3 Females @ the 2012 WV State Fair
GCH King Farm Rhumba Lady Luxury
GCH King Farm Superfreaky Kaybunny
GCH King Farm Rhumba Chantessa


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