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GCH COMPANEROS CAPITAN (3 CH & 1 GCH daughter) 5/$150
SGCH WILLOW RUN ALEJANDRO CASPER (only 20 straws left) 5/$125

National WIns


Essimo Rear
GCH King Farm  C. Lita's Essimo
2nd place 3 year old & 1st place udder at 2004 Nationals

Produce of Dam
1st Place Produce of Dam   
   2nd Place Dairy Herd

King Farm Capitan Cowgirl
2006 Res. Junior National Champion


GCH Willow Run Alejandro Casper

2-07 89 VEE

Sire:    Willow Run Ampherage Alejandro
SS:: Clovertops Ampherage
                 (Philo x GCH Amaldeena)
SD:: GCH WSU/VMP Alexandra
                3-04 90 VEEE
                (Sebastian x GCH Clover)
                '96 &'97 Res National Saanen Champion

Dam:    GCH Willow Run Dream Carnegie
DS:: Windsor Manor WMT Dream Maker
                   3-03 90 VEE
DD:: Willow Run Hallmark Calandra 5*M                 

Casper's Dam Carnegie

Casper came to us in August 2000, just before Carnegie finished her championship, she was also 6 th place 2yrold at the 2000 nationals and 7 th place 4 yrold at the 2002 Nationals. She can be see on the NSBA web page for district 3 2000 specialty winners where she was GCH, BOB, BUS and BIS under Jeff Kline. We are thrilled to be using him. He works well with our herd for style and balance. We see improvement in udder shape, depth of body and flatter, more level rumps when using him. Deceased now.

CH Companeros Capitan

Born 3/25/03
1-03 85 VV+
2 nd pl Jr Get of Sire 2004 ADGA National Show
Show wins 05' - 2x BIS, 5X GCH and BOB

Sire: Willow Run Atlas Teaque
         *2002 Spotlight Sale Buck*
SS:Willow Run DRZ Atlas
SD: GCH Willow Run Tess

Dam: Companeros Adonis Chloe 2*M
DS:McQuitty Farm Adonis
DD: Companeros Big Al Clarice

Capi has turned into all the buck I have dreamed he would. He is so sharp and angular with just a perfect set of rear legs. Capi is a very tall buck that has a lot of power and substance. He is sharpening up and dairying out coarse does that he is bred to. He is also correcting rear leg set and leveling out rumps. His kids are taller, longer and sharper. The udders on his daughters are improved in height to the rear, and overall area. He has added milk as well. He now has 2 finished daughters!  If you get a chance, check out the Redwood Hills web site and look for a doe named Catchmeifyoucan. She is Capi’s littermate sister and a real show stopper!

GCH King Farm Capitan Sunset Sky 3*M

Born 2/13/2009
2-06 89 VEEE

SS: SG Willow Run Atlas Teaque +*B
Sire: CH Companeros Capitan 1-02 85 VV+
SD: Companeros Adonis Chloe 2*M

DS: Windsor-Manor AA Victor ++B 7-03 91 EEE
Dam: GCH Willow Run Victor Skyla *M 5-02 92 EEEE
DD: Willow Run Disco Skylark

CH King Farm Capitan G-String 

DOB 3/16/08
3-05 90 EEVV

SS: SG Willow Run Atlas Teaque +*B
Sire: CH Companeros Capitan 1-02 85 VV+
SD: Companeros Adonis Chloe 2*M

DS: Windsor-Manor AA Victor ++B 7-03 91 EEE
Dam: King Farm Victor’s Sex E
DD: GCH King Farm C. Lita’s Essimo 2*M



CH Chazberry Lane Phenomenon

1-05 88 VEE / 2-04 92 EEE


SS: Windsor Manor AA Victor
Sire: McQuitty Farm WMV Phantom
DS: Wolfman Macabre
DS: SGCH King Farm Sir DUKE CJ

Dam: GCH Chazberry Lane Sweet Emotion
2-03 88 +EEE 8th pl 2 yr old 2006 Nationals
DD: Maddie

Phenom is a striking young buck to look at. He is very long and level standing on perfect feet and legs. I purchased him because of the strong line of correct mammaries on his dam's side along with bringing Duke back into my herd. So far his kids have shown marked impovement in size and scale along with higher arched escucheons. I love the added length of body I am getting in his kids as well.

Kastdemur Crystal Geyser

Born 6/1/06
3-0 91 EEE

Sire: Dagron Toronto
One Oak Hill Tweed Taipei
SD: CH Hogg’s Hideaway Casmira EX92

Dam: SGCH Kastdemur’s Shasta
         Littermate to EVIAN ’06 RES NAT GCH
DS:GCH One Oak Hill Medicine Tumult
DD: SGCH Kastdemur’s Sprite *M
     EX 92

Daughter: CH King Farm CG Chantyra
2--02 91 EEVE
4-04 88 V+EE

Daughter :GCH King Farm Superfreaky Kaybunny *M

Daughter: King Farm Geyser's Chanbirdie

Daughter: King Farm Geyser's Luxury Limo


CH South-Fork Illegal Rhumba

2-03 91 EEE

SS: Kastdemur's Bad Attitude
Sire:Altrece Almost Legal *AI

SD: Altrece Legally Blonde


DS: Posey Acres Xavian
Dam:SGCH South-Fork XA Diamond Dancer
5-05 90 VEEE
DD: SGCH South-Fork Sugar Candy

Rhumba was 3 times GCH and 3 times RES this year in the showring. He is a very mature and smoothly put together buck. His best asset is the tremendously wide and angular rear leg set. He is a light cream in color and throws all colors in his kids but cream. We only got one doe kid out of him in 2008, but she is a beautiful broken chamoise out of Chantiara and will not be leaving the farm to soon. Rhumba's dam has proven herself to be a top of the line doe by producing several champions with beautiful udders and correct general appearance.

Lamancha Ohio State Fair GCH & RES GCH      
Best Udder and 2nd Best Udder of breed
CH Lady Luxury and Chantessa
** both Rhumba daughters**

Rhumba's 4th place jr get of sire w/ Luxury, Pony and Lace

Rhumba Daughter

GCH King Farm Rhumba Chantessa *M

Born 4/22/2008

3-04 91 EEEV

SS: Altrece Almost Legal (AI son of Kastdemurs Bad Attitude)
Sire: CH South Fork Illegal Rhumba 2-02 91 EEE
SD: SGCH South Fork XA Diamond Dancer 3*M
       5-05 90 VEEE 

Dam: CH King Farm Sharp Edge Chantiara
DS: Tom De Jon Acres TT Sharp Edge
DD:Willow Run Luxor Chandra 2-06 87 VEVV

Tessa is a smaller very balanced and correct doe. She milks well and kids easily. She has 3 Hustler daughters in 3 different herds that are outstanding does 2X her size. She has a beautiful tight and shapely mammary complimented by all this depth of body. Tessa’s deep in heel and correct in leg set all the way around. She is bred to Matador and first doe will be retained.

Pictured is Samantha Starcher showing Tessa's 2012 doe kid from Hustler, Chanshilea.
She was Res Gch at the OSF and Samantha placed 4th in jr showmanship. Samantha won showman of showman in her market project at the 2012 Stark County Fair and was awarded the Gold Medal Certificate for 4-H for going above and beyond with her goat projects this year.


 CH King Farm Sharp Edge Chantiara
4-03 88 V+VE / 3-04 91 EEEV
5 th pl 2yr old milker 2006 Nationals out of 74 entries!

CH South Fork Illegal Rhumba


King Farm Torque Master

DOB 3/16/2014

SS: Mint*Leaf Kobalt
SIRE: CH Mint*Leaf Hustler
SD: CH The Preference Flyer
2011, ’10 and ’08 RES NAT CH

DS: CH South-Fork Illegal Rhumba *B
2-02 91 EEE

DAM: GCH King Farm Rhumba Lady Luxury *M
2-05 89 VVEE

DD: CH King Farm TJO Lady Wisdom
3-04 91 VEEE

Torque is full-brother to Matrix and CH Lady Lashes. He is all the correctness and style of his sisters and dam Lux. His pedigee is dam strong with does who have thrown multiple champion sons and daughters. Torque has correct feet and legs coupled with tremendous depth of body and spring of rib. I expect greatness from this guy!


CH Mint*Leaf Hustler

Dob 2/19/2011


2 year Old



SS: Autumn Acres Quicksilver
Sire: Mint*Leaf Kobalt
SD: CH Willow Run Bugatti Knicknack

DS: Singing Hills Preference
Dam: CH The Preference Flyer 3X RES GCH NATIONAL CHAMPION.
DD: Singing Hills TT Brenna

Hustler was a dream to show in 2013 going 5 X Best in Show. He also had 3 dry yearling daughters in 3 different herds go Best Jr Doe in Show. Most importantly, two of his older full sister’s Mint Leaf Cheer and Enchanted both finished their championships in Indiana as well. His dam CH Flyer is 3 X Reserve National Champion, 1X National BU and 2 X Res National BU. His granddam CH Knicknack was 1stpl aged doe at the 2012 National show and Res BU. We are sooooo excited to see Hustler udders in the spring from our best does and in other herds. He certainly has given us what we wanted so far. If you want size, length and angulation Hustler is the buck to use. The correct rump structure and open escutcheons on his doe kids are amazing.

Companeros Eclipse Stardust *B

Dob: 3/26/2011

Companero Eclipse Stardust *B

SS: SG Des Ruhigestelle Elros +*B 3-04 91 EEE
Sire: Des Ruhigestelle Eclipse *B
SD: SGCH Des Ruhigestelle Elendili 8*M 6-06 92 EEVE

DS: Old English Kojack
Dam: GCH Companeros Kojack Starstruck 7*M 3-06 91 EEEE
DD: SG Companeros Stand Out Starlet 6*M 2-05 89 VVEE

Dusty is a long, tall and very dairy buck. He is so wide and level across the back. His “type” is pleasing to the eye and everyone who sees him just says “Wow, he is pretty and long!” His dam Starstruck was 5th pl 3yrold at the 2012 ADGA National Show in Colorado. By following her appraisal scores from a yearling to a 3 yrold she just keeps getting nicer and nicer. She is from a strong dam line all with E mammaries. I was a big fan of granddam SGCH Companeros PR Starla 5-06 92 EEEE and her strong general appearance. Contact me for live breeding and semen sales prices.



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